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Supply Chain Management

We optimize the supply chain early in the process and run assessments early in the design stages identify potential risks and opportunities along with actionable recommendations based on the project’s primary objectives ensures the greatest return from sustainable products. Our goal is to align customer objectives with the best supply chain strategy in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. We provide suppliers on-going feedback relative to these indicators and work with them to continuously improve performance. Today, we’ve built an effective supply chain network which empowers our customers to have a winning edge in market competition through faster product delivery.

Production Management

Comprehensive Education Training

Systematically provide all production personnel with industry oriented education and trainings, production process SOP, quality education, in an effort to achieve the highest standard of quality.

Manufacturing Innovation

Throughout our substantial experience in electronic manufacturing services (EMS), we continuously improve our manufacturing efficiency in order to optimize our production capability, increase quality and minimize cost so that we can help our customers to solve the ever-changing production technology needs.

Fast and Flexible

Our quick turn prototyping cycle is normally 3 to 5 days once all the production information is complete. We continue to invest in our equipment, people and processes—improving productivity, quality, responsiveness, as well as accuracy of decision making throughout the product lifecycle. Our wide range of capabilities empowers us to provide our customer with scalability and flexibility. We are not only capable of serving high-volume productions but also able to of provide total solution to those with high-mix low volume requirements.

Manufacturing Cost Control

During the production, we continuously monitor and evaluate our equipment, people and processes in order to optimize our customer’s investments.